Liability Exemption for Death and Disability Insurance

Ping An shall be exempted from the insurance liabilities for death and disability caused by any of the following circumstances on the part of the Insured:

         1. Deliberate killing or injury conducted by the policy-holder or beneficiary to the Insured;

         2. Deliberate self-harm, intentional crime, resistance to criminal compulsory measures taken according to law, suicide or arrest resistance on the part of the Insured;

         3. Fighting, drunkenness and active taking, sucking or injection of drugs on the part of the Insured;

         4. Driving under the influence, driving without a legal and valid driving license or driving a motor vehicle without a valid driving license on the part of the Insured;

         5. War, military conflict, riot or armed rebellion;

         6. Nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or nuclear pollution;

         7. Pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, delivery (including caesarean birth) , birth control, treatment of infertility, contraceptive sterilization, artificial impregnation and related complication on the part of the Insured;

         8. Medical accident occurring to the Insured because of cosmetic surgery or other surgical operations;

         9. Taking of medicine (excluding OTC medicine taken according to instructions) without permission of doctor on the part of the Insured;

         10. During the period when the Insured suffers from AIDS or is infected with AIDS virus (HIV-positive);

         11. Sports and athletic activities of high risk only professionals participate. (The Insured engages in high risk activities such as diving, parachuting, paragliding, roller skating, skiing, skating, bungee jumping, rock climbing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo, martial art, karate, fencing, etc.

         12. The Insured passes away or become disable outside the mainland China.

         13. Providing false insurance information, or international experts and teachers taking out an insurance policy as a student

         14. Those accidents that occur during the time when foreign students do their part-time work;

If the Insured is caused dead in any of the foregoing circumstances, Ping An shall terminate the insurance liability of the Insured.