Liability Exemption for Medical Insurance Liability (Medical Treatment of Accidental Injury, Outpatient, Emergency and Hospitalization)

Ping An shall be exempted from the insurance liabilities for medical expenses caused by any of the following circumstances on the part of the Insured:

         1. Deliberate killing or injury conducted by the policy-holder or beneficiary to the Insured;

         2. Deliberate self-harm, intentional crime or resistance to criminal compulsory measures taken according to law on the part of the Insured;

         3. Fighting, drunkenness and active taking, sucking or injection of drugs on the part of the Insured;

         4. Driving under the influence, driving without a legal and valid driving license or driving a motor vehicle without a valid driving license on the part of the Insured;

         5. War, military conflict, riot or armed rebellion;

         6. Nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or nuclear pollution;

         7. Congenital diseases, hereditary diseases, existing disease (disease or symptoms that already exist prior to the date of insurance);

         8. AIDS or HIV infection, sexually transmitted diseases;

         9. Pregnancy, miscarriage or delivery on the part of the Insured, infertility treatment, artificial insemination, prenatal and postnatal check, birth control, abortion and complications caused by above-mentioned causes;

         10. Medical accident occurring to the Insured because of cosmetic surgery or other surgical operations;

         11. Expenses of orthopedics, correct procedure, plastic surgery or rehabilitation therapy received by the Insurer;

         12. Health check (physical examination), healing, convalesce or special care

         13. Taking, application or injection of medicine without the permission of doctor on the part of the Insurer;

         14. Medical expenses incurred outside the Chinese mainland or in private hospitals of the Chinese mainland, and expenses incurred in drug stores;

         15. Charge of telephone, transportation, etc. on the part of the Insured;

         16. Sports and athletic activities of high risk only professionals participate.(The Insured engages in high risk activities such as diving, parachuting, paragliding, roller skating, skiing, skating, bungee jumping, rock climbing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo, martial art, karate, fencing, etc.

         17. Providing false insurance information, or the international experts and teachers taking out an insurance policy as a student.

         18. Experimental treatment and costs incurred for medical experiment purpose.

         19. The insurant should turn to medical treatment in strict accordance with the hospital admissions standards. If not, the insurer does not reimburse the cost of hospitalization.

         20. Fees incurred without reporting the case in advance or through the guidance channels (400 telephone number) of medical treatment under non-emergent circumstances or fees are not approved.

         21. Relevant expenses incurred by foreign students during the time when they do their part-time work.